12 key elements of the best online proctoring solutions

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Navigating all of the different proctoring platforms, features, and services is difficult.

Which ones are the best? What’s the best option for YOU? We’re here to help. Get the guide.

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  • 12 key differentiators of the best proctoring companies
    Online proctoring isn’t one size fits all. Some companies check the box, some do more. We’ll show you key differentiators of the companies that do much, much more and real examples of how they impact the online learning experience.
  • Cost structures that make sense
    See what cost structures work for your budget and how to avoid variable cost traps.
  • Tools vs. partners with solutions
    Are you just buying a proctoring tool or are you investing in a partner with solutions?

There’s a difference, think of it this way: Would you rather buy a hammer and nails to build a house or partner with a company that has all the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to build and customize your home?

Hear How This College Customizes Online Learning

“The solution that Honorlock provides using AI and live review is an excellent product. It allows for non-traditional experiences – so when a student needs special accommodations with the live proctor, you can specify what those needs are, and then they can accommodate the student in the AI and live review experience. Being able to customize the experience for each class or each student specifically when needed is really probably one of the biggest benefits that our faculty of seeing using Honorlock.”

Choose a better way to proctor online exams

Honorlock combines AI with live proctors to make online proctoring simple, easy, and human.

Our approach to online proctoring creates a non-invasive, equitable test environment that encourages academic integrity and supports test takers, instructors, and institutions.

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