Looking at DEI through a different lens in higher education

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This eBook covers:

Is DEI an investment or an expense?

Many see DEI as an expense, but it has many financial benefits for higher education institutions.

The 5 R’s of DEI in education

DEI’s financial impact and how it can make or break key areas for institutions, like recruitment and retention.

How to measure the progress & success of DEI initiatives

Implementing DEI is one thing. Measuring it is another. But aside from demographics, what else should be measured, and where do you find the data?

How to build accessible online courses

Accessibility means A LOT more than subtitles and color contrast.

See real screenshots and examples with side-by-side comparisons of what to do vs not do when you’re building online courses and content.

Technology’s role in DEI

Three real-world scenarios showing you how to use technology to create a fair and equitable online learning environment.

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