Accessibility In Online Learning Needs Ongoing Attention

If you haven’t previously developed your course content with accessibility in mind, what better time to start than today.

Everything You Need to Know about Accessible Online Learning

All students deserve an equal and inclusive educational experience. It’s important to consider and continuously monitor the accessibility of online learning modalities, practices, and technologies. Accessible online learning courses help position your institution as a leader in online education.

This eBook covers everything you need to create an accessible online learning experience that’s equal, equitable, and inclusive for all.

Part One: Web Accessibility & Compliance Standards

Part Two: How to Create Accessible Online Courses (with real examples)

Part Three: Assistive Technology in Remote Learning

Honorlock’s Online Proctoring Software is Accessible for All

Our development team uses leading accessibility testing tools throughout the development of our proctoring services. We are always looking for better ways to help the disadvantaged have a fair and objective testing experience.

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