Student Exam Anxiety?
There’s A Better Way

Learn how education institutions can help ease student anxiety while also protecting academic integrity.

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Can Online Proctoring Ease Student Anxiety?

In this study, Honorlock partnered with University of North Alabama to uncover the causes of student anxiety. Access this eBook to learn the results and how to improve the student exam experience.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • The causes of test anxiety
  • How institutions & proctoring services can help reduce anxiety
  • The ways instructors can better support student success

When educational institutions create the proper environment and prepare students for online assessments, students report that having a live proctor can actually reduce anxiety. Further, effective proctor training can build student confidence.

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Online Proctoring with Humanity & Integrity

Our purpose isn’t to simply catch cheating - we create a better testing experience that supports students and protects academic integrity.

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